Jellyreach allows you to change your accounts settings in sections Profile, Company, Data, and Developers. You can access settings under your profile on the top right.


Edit Profile

This is a general profile section where you can update your first name, last name, and email.


Change Password

Besides your name and email, in the section Profile, you can change your password.


Edit Company

In section Company, click on Edit Company to edit company name, address, zip code, and city.


Edit Workspace

In the section Company, click on Edit Workspace to edit time zone, date, time, decimals, and currency for the active workspace. These changes will not apply to the other workspaces in the account.

Note that you can use this to set different fields (for example time zones) for different workspaces under one account.



Apart from the company details and the active workspace, in the section Company, you can click on Users to add new users and to disable, update or delete current users.

At this point, all enabled users will have account-level access. We plan to add permissions to users in the upcoming period.



Attributes refer to contacts static data or characteristics like First Name, Last Name, Email, Country, etc. Along with events, you can use attributes to make segments and to personalize your campaigns.

Access attributes in section Data by clicking on Attributes. From here, you can view, create, update, and delete attributes.


Before creating a new attribute, you should check if such an attribute already exists in Jellyreach. These are the attributes provided by Jellyreach.

# Key Value Type Status
1 contact_id Contact ID String Required
2 first_name First Name String Not Required
3 last_name Last Name String Not Required
4 email Email String Note Required
5 phone Phone String Not Required
6 gender Gender String Not Required
7 birthday Birthday Date Not Required
8 address_1 Address 1 String Not Required
9 address_2 Address 2 String Not Required
10 city City String Not Required
11 province Province String Not Required
12 country Country String Not Required
13 zip ZIP String Not Required
14 orders_count Orders Count Integer Not Required
15 total_spent Total Spent Decimal Not Required
16 average_order_value Average Order Value Decimal Not Required
17 currency Currency Decimal Not Required
18 created_at Created At Datetime Not Required

When creating a new attribute, you need to enter basic information, to the following fields:

  • Attribute Key (new_contact, vip_customer)
  • Attribute Label (New Contact, VIP Customer)
  • Input Type (String, Integer, Decimal, Datetime, Date, Time, Boolean)
  • Placeholder (Suggestion for the users)
  • Required (Select if the field is required)

{info} Adding and updating contact attributes is possible with API. For example, you can create a custom attribute like purchase_probability, update contacts via API and then use it later in segmentation. This is a huge level of flexibility.


In case you're not sure what data type to select for an attribute, this table with data types and a short explanation can help you.

Data type Explanation
String This is a sequence of characters (Hello world!).
Integer This is a non-decimal number (100).
Decimal This is a decimal number (100.00).
Datetime This is a calendar date and time (2022-01-01 10:20:30).
Date This is a calendar date (2022-01-01).
Time This is a time (10:20:30).
Boolean This is a type of the two possible values - True or False


Events refer to contacts actions. Along with attributes, you can use events to personalize messages and make segments. To start creating events you need to click on Events in the section Data.


Click on New Event and enter Event Key and Event Value. Event key is the name of the event that Jellyreach software recognizes while Event value is the name of the event that you see when using the software.


Every event can have its own attributes. Event attributes can narrow the audience segmented by events. Click on the arrow down icon on the referring event, and you can see the options to access attributes or to update the event.



Jellyreach allows you to sync your data with API. To generate API, in the section Developers, click on API and then click on Generate API. You'll see the list of generated API keys that you can disable or delete. Also, there is a link to API Documentation.