Quick Guide

Welcome to Jellyreach!

Jellyreach is a marketing software that allows you to easily create, prepare, and automate sending timely and relevant email and SMS messages.

Whether you create one-time campaigns, triggered messages, or sophisticated scenarios (automations), you don't need advanced skills to get amazing results using Jellyreach.

Here is a short video to help you get started.


Jellyreach onboarding is simple and it's the fastest way to prepare everything for your campaigns. You can easily import your contacts and add integrations.

If you want to import contacts and configure channels later, you can skip all onboarding steps, except for the first two steps.

The first thing you need to do is to enter your URL and select your business category.


Then, you need to select the main goal and your role in the company. The purpose of this is to personalize your experience of using Jellyreach.


After that, you can choose the way you want to import your contacts. You can do it with Pabbly, CSV import, or API.


Currently, available integration is Pabbly Connect. However, we created Zapier and Shopify integrations already and now waiting we're for an approval. We expect to have them available very soon. Also, we started working on a WooCommerce integration, and after that we plan to support Magento.


If you can click on Import Contacts, you can instantly import your contacts from a CSV document. You'll see a modal dialog to drag and drop your CSV document or select it from your computer.


In case you want to use API, simply click on Generate API Key. You can read API documentation here.


Finally, you can configure the email channel and SMS channel. Configuring channels means adding one or more delivery service providers.


Depending on what steps you've finished in the onboarding, you'll get the recommendations in the Dashboard. For example, if you haven't imported contacts, you'll see the recommendation to import contacts.


Import Data

Before starting your campaigns, you need to import your data. There are three ways to import your data:

Jellyreach consolidates all relevant data in one place. Collected data gets organized into attributes and events.

You can think of attributes as the contact's static data (name, gender...) and events as your contact's actions (search, order...). You can use all your data to make segments and to personalize your messages.

Configure Channels

Jellyreach supports email and SMS. To use these channels, you need to configure them first. Configuration means adding supported delivery services.

Jellyreach integrates with the most trusted delivery services, including Amazon SES and Mailgun for email, and Twilio for SMS.

To start configuring a channel, go to Channels and select desired tab - Email or SMS. Then, click on Add provider to select one of the available delivery services, and set up the integration.


Read more about delivery service integration in the following articles:

Create Campaigns

Once you import your data and configure desired channels, you're ready to pepare and launch your campaigns.

Jellyreach allows you to create scenarios (automated campaigns) and one-time campaigns (email and SMS).


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