Segments are groups of your contacts that match the criteria you set. You can use all your contacts data to make segments. With segmentation, you can create and send more personalized messages.

Creating segments

If you want to create a new segment, go to Contacts and click on the button New Segment.

In Jellyreach, contacts data is organized in attributes and events. Therefore, when creating segments, you can use:

  • Attributes - First Name, Gender, City, etc.
  • Events - Orders, Reviews.
  • Campaigns - Previously created campaigns.

Segmenting by attributes

You can think of attributes as contacts static data or characteristics like name, country, or email.

Depending on the attribute you choose, you can use the criteria types and enter the values.

For example, let's say that you want to make a segment - Contacts from Stockholm. Simply select attribute City, use relation equal to, and enter value Stockholm.

Click on Confirm and you'll see the contacts that match the criteria you set. In this case, those are contacts from Stockholm.

Equal to is not the only criteria type. There are others as well.

Criteria Type
less than
less than or equal to
equal to
greater than or equal to
greater than
not equal to
does not contain
does exist
does not exist

Segmenting by events

While attributes are referring to contacts characteristics, you can think of events like more dynamic data or your contacts actions such as order created, landing page form submitted, etc.

Depending on the event you choose, you can use the criteria types and enter the values.

For example, you can easily segment contacts who have made an order with price greater than 100.

After that, you can narrow contacts additionally by adding orders whose price is less or equal to 150.

Segmenting by campaigns

Apart from attributes and events, you can also use data from previous campaigns for creating segments. Use this when you want to target an audience that you previously engaged with a specific campaign.

For example, let's see how to get contacts who clicked in the previous 30 days. You just need to add select Clicked and filter by date.

Of course, it's possible to filter by specific campaigns. For example, all who contacts who clicked in a specific campaign.

Saving Segments

When you prepare your segment, you can save it by clicking on the button Save Segments. You'll see a modal dialog where you can name the segment.

Click on tab Segments to see all your saved segments. Jellyreach allows you to create an unlimited number of segments.