Pricing and Payments


For a limited time, Jellyreach is offering a lifetime deal for all plans. With this deal, you can pay once and get forever access to all existing and upcoming features.

After this offer expires, Jellyreach will switch to a subscription pricing model. Pricing is determined by the number of your contacts in your Jellyreach account.

Number of Contacts Price
Up to 10k contacts $99
Up to 30k contacts $199
Up to 50k contacts $299
Up to 75k contacts $399
Up to 100k contacts $499
Up to 150k contacts $699
Up to 200k contacts $899
More than 200k contacts Get in touch

In the first 30 days from your payment, if you are not satisfied with Jellyreach, you will get 100% of your money back with no questions asked.

The smallest plan is up to 10k contacts. When you pass that number of contacts in the account, you will automatically upgrade your plan. The same applies to bigger plans.

{info} If you buy a lifetime deal, and in the future, you want to upgrade your plan, you will only pay the difference according to the pricing plans at the moment of your first payment.

Payment Methods

Jellyreach offers payments by credit card. After the payment, you will receive a confirmation email.

Payment is supported by Paddle. Paddle operates as our reseller. Therefore, after payment, you'll receive an invoice from Paddle to your email.