Email Templates


When you create your emails you can use templates to get inspired and save your time. Available email templates are:

  • Basic Layouts
  • Pre-designed Templates
  • Custom Templates

Basic Layouts

Basic Layouts are the most common email layouts that will fit the majority of your emails. Click on Email Templates, and then select the tab Basic Layouts, and you'll see the illustrated previews of basic layouts.

In layouts names, before the word Column, you can see the proportion which refers to the numbers of rows and columns.

For example, layout 1:3 Columns consists of one row and three columns. You can click on a template to see the preview.

From the preview, you start creating an email campaign by clicking on the button Create Campaign.

Pre-designed Templates

The collection of pre-designed emails will inspire you to design your emails. Also, it will save you a lot of time.

Custom Templates

Jellyreach allows you to create custom email templates. Click on Email Templates, and select the tab Custom Templates.

If you don't have saved templates, you will see something like this.