This article shows how to integrate WooCommerce into Jellyreach. If you don't want to read this text, you can watch a video tutorial:

First, you need to add integration to Jellyreach.

Log in to Jellyreach and go to Integrations. Select the eCommerce tab, click on Add Integration, and then select WooCommerce.

You will see a modal where you need to enter your Domain, Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret.

To get Consumer Key and Consumer Secret you need to go to the WordPress dashboard on click on WooCommerce Settings.

On the tab Advanced, click on the REST API and Add Key. Enter Description, select Read/Write Permissions, and click on Generate an API key.

You will see Consumer Key and Consumer Access that you need to copy and paste to Jellyreach. After that, click Test Connection to see that it’s valid. Also, you need to Download WooCommerce Plugin.

When you’re done, click on Save.

Now, go to WooCommerce Plugins and click on Add New, and then click on Upload Plugin.

Choose the file Jellyreach.zip that you’ve downloaded from Jellyreach, click Install Now, and activate the plugin.

In the WordPress dashboard go to Jellyreach and you’ll see that you need to enter an API key from Jellyreach.

Go back to the Jellyreach account, click on Settings, API, and Generate an API key. Now, copy and paste it to the Jellyreach plugin in WordPress and click on Save.

That's it. In case you have any questions, please feel free to reach us on [email protected]

Happy sending campaigns!