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How To Make Money Online

by Nedim Talovic · Updated 13 Jul 2021}}

What’s the easiest way to make money online is the question that comes to the Internet very often?

The truth is that there’s no the easiest way because making every single cent requires lots of hard work. In this blog post, I’ll explain 14 ways you can use today to make your money.

All these ways have few things in common including: In this blog post, I’ll explain 14 ways you can use today to make your money.

All these ways have few things in common including:

  • Skills
  • Hard work
  • Patience

Being a good designer means there will be a lot of freelancing jobs for you. But, without skills, it’s very questionable what you offer to the market.

You’ll probably need to specialize in your field by learning stuff on sites like Udemy, Coursera, and Lynda. Let’s see what are the best ways.

But, without skills, it’s very questionable what you offer to the market. You’ll probably need to specialize in your field by learning stuff on sites like Udemy, Coursera, and Lynda.

Let’s see what are the best ways.

#1 Create an eBook

Kindle Direct Publishing

Years ago, publishing a book for newbies was a tough job. You would have to find:

  • Publisher
  • Editor
  • Book cover designer

Today, thanks to the Internet, everything gets easier.

For $5, you can hire someone at Fiverr to design a book for you, or you can use a free book cover maker like. For $5, you can hire someone at Fiverr to design a book for you, or you can use a free book cover maker like Canva.

Also, you don’t need a publisher because selling books on Amazon Kindle don't require it. Publishing basically takes less than 5 minutes and your book will appear on Kindle stores within 24-48 hours.

It’s completely free, and Amazon merely takes 30% of sales. Once you publish a book, you can wait for consumers to find and buy the book, or you can make a step forward and promote it, which is definitely a hard part.

Personally, I always recommend starting a blog. When blog’s traffic increase, you can always promote the book on the blog.

#2 Start blogging

Start a blog using WordPress

Starting a new blog without too many efforts and costs is quite possible. You just need to buy a domain and find a hosting provider.

This is affordable to everyone. You can even use providers specialized for WordPress like, whose pricing starts from $2.99 per month.

Hundreds of free themes are available so you don’t need to worry about a that. Just find something that looks solid and wait until your blog’s traffic increase.

So, how to earn money from blogging? Well, you don’t earn money directly from blogging, you actually earn by offering different services and products through blogging. Think of your blog as a media channel.

For instance, you can sell ads, consulting services, products, write reviews, etc. You have to write in-depth articles with at least 2,500 words and focus on the quality.

Just decide what’s your business model - do you want to write B2B articles or B2C. I’d always go for B2B because people who read B2B articles usually have more buying power.

#3 Become a freelancer


Everyone is good at something. On the Internet, hot skills are design and coding. With these skills, you can always find projects which will make sure that your bank account is never empty.

Still, many freelancers are struggling with finding new projects. As for me, I’d recommend you to try your luck at services such as UpWork and Freelancer.

These services are not only for tech skilled workers, you can also find things to do as:

  • Writer
  • Virtual assistant
  • Customer service agent
  • Sales expert
  • Marketing expert
  • Accountant
  • Consultant

Freelancing sites work in a way that people post their projects, and then freelancers send bids.

For example, there are freelancers who work for $5 hourly rate, but also those who work for $100 hourly rate.

I’d recommend you to start with low hourly rate ($10 e.g.), and once you get the positive reviews, you can increase the rate.

Getting the first job is probably the hardest part and you’ll need to send lots of proposals.

Finally, never send copy & paste bid. Read the project description and write a unique/related offer.

#4 Affiliate marketing

Amazon Associates

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing where you earn money by promoting other company’s products. Amazon Associates and Google AdSense are the two most popular affiliate programs. Amazon’s commissions are based on the product’s category.

Here are some fee rates:

  • PC Component products - 2.50%
  • Grocery products - 4.00%
  • Electronic products - 4.00%
  • Industrial products - 8.00%
  • Game Downloads Product - 10.00%

There’s also a variable standard program fee:

  • 1 - 6 products - 4.00%
  • 7 - 30 products - 6.00%
  • 31 - 110 products - 6.50%
  • 111 - 320 products - 7.00%
  • 321 - 630 products - 7.50%

and so on. In simple terms, you’ll earn as long as you provide new customers to Amazon.

Google AdSense

The concept of Google AdSense is the same, with one small difference. There are no products for promotion - only ads created in Google Ads.

Thus, you have to be careful because of its ToS - no more than 3 ads per page, nor clicking on your own ads. Google pays you only when someone clicks on your ad, and sometimes per impressions.

Now, if you want to start with Amazon affiliate, you have to create a blog and build the traffic.

#5 Buy and sell domains

GoDaddy Auctions

Your first step is to find a domain that is on the sale. Your starting point can be GoDaddy Auctions. There’re 335,000 expiry domain names waiting for you.

However, you need to be careful because you can get in the legal troubles.

As an example, I’m reminding you that there were people who bought domains related to Facebook, so they simply files a lawsuit.

GoDaddy isn’t the only place where you can sell domains. For example, sedo is also the place where you can do it.

Also, there’s a site called Flippa, where you can find lots of other interesting domains, and not only domains, but websites and apps, too.

Please keep in mind that buying a domain that has been penalized by Google might be a bad choice.

For that purpose, I suggest using apps like Ahrefs and Majestic where you can simply check the portion of backlinks, etc.

#6 Create a course

Here, you have two options:

  • Sell the courses on your own site
  • Sell the courses on popular platforms

If you have a very visited site, then the first option might be a better solution because you won’t share the profit with anyone.

However, if you’re just beginning, and you don’t want to worry about your site, or things like that, then I guess you would be interested in selling your courses on sites like Udemy.

Udemy is a platform with a lot of potential since they got more than 30 million visits every month. In fact, Udemy has 20k instructors whose average earning is $8,000, and there are more than 12 million students.

Furthermore, if English is not your native language, then creating a course on Udemy might be your the best option. I’ve seen tons of tutors whose native language isn’t English.

When Udemy finds you a student, they will take 50% of the sale’s amount, but when you find a student, then you get 100% of the amount.

#7 Become a vlogger & prankster

Honestly, becoming a vlogger isn’t for everyone. If you aren’t prepared for all kinds of stuff then you can’t expect something great.

Popular vloggers will do anything for clicks. You simply have to be very proactive and crazy. One of the most popular pranksters in the world is Vitaly Zdorovetskiy who has more than 9 million YouTube subscribers.

He has been arrested so many times, so if you’re not ready for that, then maybe you shouldn’t be a prankster.

Instead, you can try your luck as a vlogger who talks about sports or plays the games? If you don’t know what vlogging is, here’s a small explanation.

Vlog is a type of blog where a video is a medium. According to tubular insights, How-to and Styles category gets the most views per video, in average - 8,332 views.

Here’s the list.

YouTube Video Stats

An average revenue per 1000 views should be $1 - $3.

However, RPM depends a lot on viewers’ location, niche, type of ads that appear, and so on.. For example, ads in the insurance industry are great.

Insurance companies often pay more than $50 per click in search results (Google Ads).

#8 Buy and sell products

Buy and sell products

Buying for the low price, selling for higher, and being competitive is still possible thanks to sites like AliExpress. I can find iPhone cases for $2 and sell them for $10, for example.

The best part is that shipping is free for so many offers. How should I sell and make money?

Firstly, you need to create a web store. No worries if you don’t have any tech skills - you don’t need it. I suggest you try with Shopify or BigCommerce.

Both these services start from $29 per month, which means that you have to sell a few items per month and everything above is yours.

After your store goes online, you have to promote it. Though you have a few options, I strongly suggest Facebook Ads.

One of the reasons is a Facebook group with more than 8,000 online retailers willing to help you.

#9 Create an app

Create an app

Ads are probably the worst way of blog monetization.

When someone pays you to advertise on your blog, it probably means that his business has a positive ROI.

In fact, you should rather create and offer your own product to the audience. Writing a B2B blog is a better choice than B2C due to consumers’ less buying power.

In a B2C business model, it’s a bit complicated to get a phone in the hands and start to dial - offer your product. I’d recommend to you survey your visitors and learn more about them:

  • Who are they?
  • Do they have a problem that your app could solve?
  • What’s their buying power?

Once you know what your visitors are interested in, you can create an app and start with the sales.

#10 Email marketing

Email Marketing ROI

It’s a fact that email marketing has the best ROI. For every $1 invested in email marketing, you should expect $40 in revenues. Well, that’s amazing, isn’t it?

However, building an email list isn’t so easy. It takes lots of time to increase the number of subscribers. Do you know that it’s possible to send newsletters without having a website? Well, yes!

Now, you’re probably thinking that I’m talking about offline events where people take some survey and that’s how you get their email address.

It’s one of the ways, but also you can use Google Forms or even some apps offer forms where visitors enter the email address.

#11 Become a website tester

Page not found

404 error (Page not found) is a nightmare of every Internet user. Site owner hates it too. That’s why there are services that will pay you to test someone’s site. Here are some of them:

One test typically takes 15 - 20 minutes, so you’ll hourly rate will be $30 - $40. Here’re some questions about the site:

  • What are your first impressions on this site?
  • What do you think they sell?
  • Is there any reason why you would resist or think twice about buying an item from this site? Why or why not?

I mentioned only a few services, there are others as well. All of them will ask you for a microphone.

Some of them will require a camera, and some a report after you finish the test.

#12 Become a writer

Become a writer

There are numerous blogs who will pay you to write for them. Jennifer Roland wrote a blog post with 79 sites that offer $50 or up.

No matter what’s space is the most fittable for you, there’s always something you can find for yourself. Most of them are paying $50 per article, but there are also sites that pay even $200 for the article.

However, if you’re not a native English speaker, then things might be difficult for you, but luckily, you can always pay for proofreading so, in the end of the day, your text becomes a very professional.

Honestly, I haven’t tried this because I write only for myself, but I think all these sites are requiring you to write at least 1,000 words.

If you get $50 for 1,000 words and you’re able to write that in an hour, then your an hourly rate of $50 doesn’t seem bad, ha?

#13 Sell stock photos

Sell Stock Photos

Making money by selling stock photos might be tricky for you if you don’t have the equipment. Here’s the basic equipment you need to have:

  • DSLR camera
  • Lightbox
  • Stativ

The most popular stock sites are Fotolia, ShutterStock, and iStockPhoto, and your each photo must meet the standards.

For example, ShutterStock accepts JPEG and TIFF photos, but Fotolia and iStockPhoto only accept JPEG photos. Neither of them accept PNG. Here are some of other standard requirements:

  • Incorrect File Formats
  • Missing File Extensions
  • Inaccurate Metadata
  • Lack of Editability
  • Derivative Artwork

What commission does stock photo service pay? For example, ShutterStock will pay you $0.25 per image for your first $500 earnings, after that $0.25 from $500 to $3,000 earnings, and so on.

This is only when monthly subscriber downloads an image. On demand images will make you $0.81 per image (first $500 earnings), $1.07 ($500 - $3,000 earnings), and so on.

#14 Proofreading

Proofreading at Fiverr

In today’s world, lots of marketers are trying to make the money through content marketing. Many of these marketers aren’t English native speakers.

Now, if you’re a native English speaker, you can offer proofreading services. People at Fiverr are proofreading for $5 per 1,000 words.

When you get experienced, you might be able to proofread 1,000 words 5 minutes which means that your hourly rate will be $60.

Remember UpWork and from the beginning of this blog post? That’s the place where you can also offer your services which the specific hourly rate, starting from $10 to $60 or above.


Making money on the Internet can’t come over the night. You must be patient, have to believe in yourself and everything will be fine.

The chances are equal to everyone and the only thing that matters is the knowledge. As long as you have the knowledge, your will make the money. In the almost every industry, people are willing to share their knowledge and experience.

You don’t need to have money to increase your knowledge. YouTube is free forever. I’d always recommend starting blogging and once your blog gets traction, you can sell whatever you want. Y

ou can create an app, write a book, offer consulting services, or sell a course. One small percentage of your visitors will accept the offer. Good luck!