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How To Get More Likes On Facebook

by Nedim Talovic · Updated 13 Aug 2021}}

How to get more likes on Facebook Page is probably the question that you have asked yourself too many times, haven’t you? Facebook pages are great due to the many reasons:

  • Allow communicating to potential and current customers
  • Drive traffic to the website
  • Increase brand awareness

Facebook organic reach is decreasing over the time. It’s also interesting to see how the Facebook stock price is increasing while organic reach decrease.

Facebook Stocks and Organic Reach

Facebook wants you to pay ads. Anyway, investing additional efforts in a Facebook page is absolutely necessary.

That’s why I want to show you 9 tips that will help increase the number of followers and engagement of course.

Keep in mind that organic reach decreases (percentage), when you get more likes.

Facebook Organic Reach

That’s fine because it’s impossible to have a 50% reach when you have 300k followers.

This tells us that you shouldn’t always watch metrics in percentages, like you analyze conversion rates, lead rates, etc.

#1 Post Interesting Content

Facebook users, just like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest users, are interested only in content that’s interesting.

Understanding which type of content is interesting is very easy because of many tools.

I suggest you trying BuzzSumo where you simply need to enter a keyword or phrase you’re interested too. For instance, type bodybuilding and click on Go.

Bodybuilding BuzzSumo

Within a couple of seconds, you’ll see which content has so many shares, so you can share something similar too because it’s obvious people love it.

Bodybuilding BuzzSumo results

Note that you can filter the results by many criteria such as date, language, country, word count, and so on.

According to Simply Measured, the average post by brands from Interbrand 100 group (most valuable brands), received 2% of their engagement from comments, 5% from shares, and 92% from likes.

Share of engagement type across Facebook content type

Since you want to appear in lots of news feeds, you should think about content length as well.

Articles with more than 3,000 words tend to get more shares on Facebook and other social networks as well.

Average shares by content length

There’s no doubt that longer content is more interesting, but unfortunately, it takes lots of time to create such a long articles, but it’s definitely worth it.

In-depth articles are also great in terms of SEO because that’s how you target more long-tail keywords, get more backlinks and things like that.

A median salary of online content marketing writer is $46,534 which is sometimes too much for start-ups. Too much because content requires lots of time to produce the results.

They won’t come over the night, so you need to think about burnout date.

Content writer salary

Anyway, you can always write on your own or hire freelancers, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

#2 Pick The Right Time

Posting in the right time will help you get more likes, comments, shares, and clicks. It’s no need to say that the more people share your posts, the more likes you get.

There’s a strong correlation between these two variables. In order to get more shares (and likes), you need to think about days of the week that you’ll share the content.

For instance, Fridays are definitely good in terms of reach, but not the best option when it comes to the number of shares.

Facebook Engagement Rates per Post By Day of Week

As for the frequency, I’d suggest publishing interesting content once a day, at least.

But, if you’re struggling with the content production, then I suggest focusing on best days.

Anyway, you also need to think about the best time of the day to post. According to the photo below, 1.p.m. is the best time for getting the most shares.

Facebook Best Time To Post

However, if your main goal is to get the most clicks, then you should try posting at 3 p.m. I said try because there’s something you need to check out before.

I’m talking about Facebook Page Insights that you can see when those who liked your page are online.

Take a look at the following screenshot.

When your fans are online

It appears that the most fans of my page are online at 9 p.m., so it seems interesting to test a hypothesis if I’ll get more engagement if I post on that time.

For those who post a couple of times a day, this report is definitely a must-have because it’s obvious that 11 p.m. is the time where people go offline, so might not be a good option. 10 p.m. seems better for wishing them a good night.

#3 Be Frequent

I’ve already written that posting once a day should be the minimum, but let’s analyze this in depth. Constant Contact claims that you shouldn’t post too frequently because fans get frustrated with too many posts.

They suggest making each post by offering something valuable and interesting. They say the minimum is 3 posts per week and the maximum is 10 posts.

That’s something I was suggesting you too. Simply said, find a sweet spot. The same rules are applicable when you advertise.

As long as frequency increase CTR goes down.

CTR decreases while CPC increases

CPC will also increase since there’s a strong negative correlation between CTR.

Anyway, there are sources who claim “posting more frequently means you get less engagement” is nothing else than a myth.

The theory explains that “there’s so much content out there that usually single digit percentages of fans are seeing your content anyway”.

Negative feedback per post vs posts per day

Facebook is getting smarter about delivering the content to the right people, so it doesn’t matter how much frequently you publish.

What do you think about this theory?

#4 Post Attractive Images

Another big step in managing Facebook pages is posting attractive images.

Here, I won’t talk why you need to post attractive images because that’s obvious. Instead, I want to show you where you can download them for free.

Thankfully to many sites, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to have great photos or pay expensive subscriptions on professional stock sites.

Probably the most popular one is Pixabay which has over 1,120,000 free stock photos, vectors and art illustrations in its database.

Pixabay Wordpress

All these photos are free of charge and released under Creative Commons CC0 license. If you don’t know what Creative Commons license means, here’s the simple explanation.

Users can copy, modify, distribute or whatever they want to do with images, free of charge, without asking for permission and linking back.

Another popular stock site is Free Images. It’s the site where you can download almost 400,000 images for free, just as the site name suggests.


Keep in mind that you don’t need to include a photo credit for commercial use only if you don’t use content for editorial purposes.

The third solution is picjumbo which is the site created by designer and photographer Viktor Hanacek in 2013.


The site has more than 600k visits every month and more than 4.7M downloads since November 2013.

As you could see, everyone can use free stock photo sites, even for commercial usage.

#5 Include a CTA

CTA really matters in digital marketing. It doesn’t matter if you’re advertising or just regularly posting on a Facebook page.

You always have to include CTA. Overall CTR lift from adding a CTA button by 2.85x which isn’t a small increase.

Once you increase CTR, you’ll pay less per click which means lower costs for acquiring new followers.

CTR decreases while CPC increases

Anyway, not every CTA button performs the same.

For instance, Learn More definitely has better CTR than Sign Up.

Let’s see a couple of examples.

The first ad is from M.Gemi, which calls targeted users to shop right now.

M.Gemi Ad

Another one is Pure Flix. They call targeted users to sign up.

Pure Flix Ad

Here’s one post example which isn’t paid.

HubSpot calls their visitors to attend the event they’re organizing.

HubSpot CTA

Finally, let’s say that you should use magnet words whenever possible.

Those magnet words include profitable, confidential, magic, powerful, wonderful, promising, unlimited, and so on.

#6 Organize a Contest

Organizing a contest is a great idea to promote your Facebook Page, but before we see a few examples, let me introduce you to Facebook Page Terms.

According to Facebook Page Terms, you’re responsible for everything related to the promotion, including:

  • The official rules
  • Terms and eligibility requirements
  • Compliance with applicable rules and regulations (registration, necessary regulatory approvals..)

Also, you need to mention that the contest isn’t sponsored, endorsed, or administered (or associated) by Facebook.

According to wishpond, 34% of Facebook users like a page to get access to the brand’s promotion and/or discounts.

They say that Qwertee ran a very successful content where they gave away 1.000 t-shirts every week.

Qwertee Facebook Contest

As the results, they achieved 100,000 likes which is incredible.

Another example is Dove who gave an opportunity to the winners to become the next face of Dove.

Dove Facebook Contest

Finally, let’s say that the following two will break the rules too:

  • Tag to win
  • Share to win
  • Tag a friend to win

or anything like that.

#7 Promote On Other Channels

Whenever possible, promote a page on other channels as well. These channels include:

  • Website or blog
  • YouTube channel
  • Email marketing
  • Instagram
  • Quora
  • Medium

The most important source of promotion is your own website or blog. It’s the place where marketers can embed their Facebook Page and promote it.

Here’s how it looks like.

Mashable Facebook Embed

The box can be placed in a modal dialog, sidebar, in the middle of the article, and many other places. Next, you can use YouTube channels to get more likes.

This means mentioning a Facebook page in the video description, just as Netflix does it.

YouTube Netflix Description

Additionally, you should leverage annotations like ASOS.

Get your Air at ASOS

According to tubular insights, How-to videos get 8,332 views on average.

If we assume that you upload 100 How-to videos and your videos get 50% more views than average, that’s exactly 1.2M views.

YouTube Video Stats

Great promotion, isn’t it?

#8 Advertise

Advertising can skyrocket the number of likes your page has. It can burn all the money you have, too. For that reason, you have to be careful with paid advertising.

Luckily, there’s no minimum budget you're required to have, so you can always start with small amounts.

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook cost is the question whose answer depends on lots of factors.

One of the factors is the industry your company belongs to.

U.S. Facebook Advertising Benchmarks

For instance, clicks in the Gaming industry cost more than clicks in the Automotive industry. Facebook invented a metric called Relevance Score.

The metric relies on positive and negative feedbacks.

Positive feedback depends on activities such as clicks, likes, shares, comments, negative, etc. Negative feedback depends on reporting the ad, hiding ad, etc.

Relevance score has a strong impact on total costs since Facebook wants to display the best posts in news feed.

Here’s the photo that explains Relevance Score.

CPC - CTR - Relevance Score

Obviously, Facebook wants to display ads of those who have better CTR than those who don’t. Another important feature of Ads Manager is called Ad Scheduling.

Scheduling enables everyone to target users at specific days and times.

Ad Scheduling

For instance, you can display ads in hours that you know potential users spend on Facebook and avoid hours that your customers and potential customers are offline.

#9 Engage

Engaging is amazing for increasing brand awareness and of course, increasing the number of page likes.

In the article how to get more followers on Instagram, I’ve written that everyone should use hashtags because they tend to increase they increase organic reach.

On Facebook, you shouldn’t use them. BuzzSumo study says that posts with hashtags usually get less engagement.

Posts with hashtags got less engagement

The study has found that the following types of posts get the most engagement:

  • Questions
  • Image Posts
  • Videos
  • Links
  • Giveaways
  • Coupons/Discounts

Mark Zuckerberg shared the photo with top emoji trends on Facebook.

Simply said, if you like to use emojis in your posts, try to use these because it’s obvious that people like them.

Top emoji trends on Facebook

Don’t use emojis that people don’t like. Your job is to increase the engagement rate, and in the end of the day, get more likes.


As you could see, getting more likes on Facebook isn’t easy, especially if your marketing budget is very low.

That’s why you need to make sure you get lots of engagement, pick good timing and get lots of engagement. That’s the only path you have.

Again, don’t forget to:

  • Post interesting content
  • Advertise
  • Be frequent

Pages without enough contents can also share articles from other sites. Simply use BuzzSumo to find those articles and share them.

It’s important to start building the audience, and you can later start promoting only articles that you’ve written.