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How To Find Long-Tail Keywords Using Wikipedia and Ahrefs

by Nedim Talovic · Updated 14 Jul 2021}}

Wikipedia is a powerful website. According to SimilarWeb, it has more than 2.1B visits every month.

Almost every query at Google will have Wikipedia on the first page because they have an enormous number of articles and long-tail keywords.

That’s why Wikipedia is a perfect place to find long-tail keywords for your business. In this blog post, I’ll use Ahrefs to find those keywords.

Let’s go!

Search for Wikipedia Article

Assume that you’re in email marketing field and you want to find long-tail keywords in that niche. First of all, open Wikipedia and into the search box type Email marketing and press Enter on your keyboard.

Search For "Email Marketing" at Wikipedia

You should be looking at this article:

Search For "Email Marketing" at Wikipedia

The article has the following URL:

Copy the URL into the clipboard. The point is to find all keywords from the article, knowing they all rank well, both for short-tail and long-tail keywords.

Total Words

The article contains 2051 words so it shouldn’t be too hard.

How To Get Long-Tail Keywords?

Now, open Site Explorer at Ahrefs, paste the URL and click on Explore.

Ahrefs SIte Explorer You’ll see the list of Ahrefs metrics:

  • Ahrefs Rank
  • URL Rating
  • Domain Rating
  • Backlinks
  • Referring domains
  • Organic keywords
  • Paid keywords
  • Organic traffic

You’re looking for organic keywords, so click on 6.1K link.

Ahrefs Metrics of Wikipedia Email Marketing Article

Great! You got the list of keywords that Wikipedia article is ranking. There are 6.1K keywords with different position, search volume, and keyword difficulty.

Ahrefs Organic Keywords

Let’s filter the list to get only long-tail keywords that have more than 4 words:

Filter Organic Keywords

Now we can see 1.3K keywords and that’s much better.

Let’s examine the keywords.

Long Tail Keywords

I’ve marked three particularly interesting long-tail keywords.

As you can see, type of email marketing is really commercial tool since its Cost-per-Click (CPC) is $30.15, but benefits of email marketing with $36.77 CPC is even more commercial and it has lower keyword difficulty (14).

However, I’ll pick the keyword type of email marketing as a keyword I’d like to rank.

Analyze SERP

I've opened Google, searched for the selected keyword and got the following results:

Types of Email Marketing: Google SERP

Pay attention to backlinks and root domains.

Except for Wikipedia, the top 5 results don’t have too many backlinks, so it shouldn't be too hard to outrank all of them.

You might be wondering, why Wikipedia isn’t the first result, because of the backlinks. It’s due the relevancy which is arguably the most important Google ranking factor.

Always think about relevancy and user's intent. Let’s dig deeper and analyze the first (HubSpot) result. It says they got 47 backlinks from 29 root domains, but what is the quality of backlinks in Live index?

Here’s the analysis:

  • 35 backlinks (24 dofollow, 11 nofollow)
  • Maximum URL rating 28 and minimum 0
  • Average URL rating of dofollow backlinks is 8.29

As I’ve already said, it shouldn’t be too hard to outrank them although HubSpot is high authority website.

You might think that type of email marketing has a low search volume (40), but that’s not true. If you click on Organic Keywords while analyzing the #1 result I’ll see lots of similar keywords.

Organic Keywords

Here they are:

Types of Email Marketing: Similar Keywords

But this is just 10 keywords and there are exactly 144.

You can repeat the process for #2 result #3 and more, and you’ll see the real search volume is much higher.

Keyword Difficulty

You can even use keyword difficulty which will tell you if ranking for the specific query is hard or not.

It's actually a scale from 0 to 100. For me, it's interesting because they don't count domain rating, age, SSL certificate, on page optimization and so on.

I can install SSL certificate on my website, but you can do it too. I can properly use ALT tag in images, H1 and other tags as well, and you will do the same.

Furthermore, making the website fast is quite easy for you and your competitors. But, what is the hard part? Backlinks.

This keyword difficulty will count ONLY quantity and quality of the backlinks. It's even possible to filter keywords by the number of words, keyword difficulty, etc. Query benefits of email marketing is easy to rank because it has KD of 14.

On the other hand, query types of email marketing has KD of 52. According to Ahrefs, for 20 KD you need 22 referring domains pointing to your page.


Wikipedia ranks great for almost every keyword and you can choose a head keyword related to your business for getting long-tail keywords.

Ahrefs helps a lot in finding long-tail keywords. You just need to enter the Wikipedia’s URL for analysis and get the keywords!

Of course, you can use Keyword Explorer as well, but depending on your plan, you might be limited only to three keyword researches per day. That’s why this article is especially helpful to companies on the budget.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with Ahrefs nor do I have any benefits of promoting them. I’m just a happy user who think the app is great. Try for yourself and see if it fits your needs. There are many other great apps as well.